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Brightness of dope dyed DTY yarn

Categories: Huilong newsRelease time: 2014-11-22 15:30:00
Source: Huilong New MaterialsEditor: Fushetu Author: Fushetu

Now everywhere of the market can see dope dyed DTY yarn sale, but do you know why some very expensive, and some are ludicrously low price? In fact, the reason is nothing but only two points, that is, quality assurance and production enterprise credit reputation.

In the market, Zhejiang Huilong New Material produced dope dyed DTY yarn not only color brightness, the texture is more pure, can fit the corresponding production required. As a kind of raw material with their own characteristics is Icing on the cake for people's live. Here we will not cite its advantages one by one .Here we mainly introduce Huilong dope dyed  DTY yarn’s benefits -- which has a high ratio performance to price, can make the customer do the raw materials in the production process without pollution, elastic, bright color, which lead the produced textile products have more market competitiveness!
Therefore, Huilong dope dyed DTY yarn since the listing will be numerous consumer and customer preferences and highly affirmed! The future Huilong will focus on 17 years of experience in the production of chemical fiber, to create better products to serve the society!