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Dope dyed low elastic polyester yarn show silk smooth

Categories: Huilong newsRelease time: 2017-01-07 23:19:00
Source: Huilong ChemicalEditor: Fushetu Author: Fushetu

 Someone said that smooth appears on the finished fabric cloth, just look at the yarn is can't see its smooth, but I would say this is wrong, with the hand petting the yarn, you can feel that there is a big smooth compact, the smooth is embodied in the sense, if you really know it that you will fell the dope dyed low elastic polyester yarn is so smooth.

dope dyed low elastic polyester yarn with good color fastness, not easy to fade, it is to use advanced dope dyed technology, with professional build perfect, with sincere comfort, its advanced technology gives most people with comfortable. Dope dyed yarn is to prepare for all kinds of style of the finished fabric, we see its quality is quite good.
The first demand for clothes to us is to make the skin feel comfortable, let more people feel it is comfortable, so it can to this end, the commodity nature of dope dyed low elastic polyester yarn is very good to meet the demand of the one who love clothes, perfectly show the silky texture, let more people know its silk smooth, increase the recognition for it.