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Dope dyed polyester dty MULTI-COLOR YARN used for wall cloth

Categories: 根栏目Release time: 2018-12-01 08:37:41
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Greeting, long developed a new product on October. It’s DTY multi-color yarn. Spec. is 150*75*75. 150D is 48F, and 75D is 24F. There’s 73 colors at present. And some customer have take some colors to test, and a part of customer have succeed to use it for their product. 73 colors all have about 500kg stock, so that customer can take cones to make sample. Very convenient. And price is very competitive.
We also have some foreign customer interested in it. They want to applied it into traditional clothes. Now we have customer have succeed applied it to wall cloth and narrow fabric.  If you are also interested in DTY multi-color yarn, please contact my email: Best price and service will be provided to you!
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