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How to identify dope dyed polyester yarn?

Categories: FAQRelease time: 2013-11-28 20:10:00
Source: Huilong ChemicalEditor: Fushetu Author: Fushetu

Identify rayon, silk and polyester yarn. Rayon have bright luster, slightly boardy body feeling. There are many wrinkles when open after clenched by hand. Marks still exist after flattening. Unbend rayon can easily broken and ruptured when malaxate the yarn which pulled out of cloth with tongue end. Besides, wet and dry rayon have different elastic. Silk have gentle luster, soft feeling, fine texture, and rubbing each other can make a special noise, commonly known as "silk scroop" or "craquant". Let go after clench by hand, and there are less wrinkles. The elastic of wet and dry silk is consistent. Polyester yarn have strong reflection, big stiffness, quick rebound, good crease resistant performance,


Polyester yarn was called tetoron in Taiwan. It’s a kind of sewing thread which made by high tenacity polyester chemical filament (using high quality raw materials in Taiwan), and also called high tenacity yarn. Its characteristics are soft, smooth, sun-proof, inelastic and with strong damage-resistance, good color fastness, strong tensile strength.

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