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The Application of Polyester Yarn

Categories: FAQRelease time: 2013-11-28 20:10:00
Source: Huilong ChemicalEditor: Fushetu Author: Fushetu

Polyester yarn has a very wide application which mainly used in the manufacture of clothing and industrial products.
Flame-retarded polyester yarn has a wide application owing to permanent fire resistance.

in addition to playing an irreplaceable role in industrial fabrics, building decoration, inner transportation decoration, it play a big role in the field of protective clothing. According to the national standard for flame-retarded protective clothing, metallurgy, forestry, chemical, oil, fire departments should use flame-retarded protective clothing.

The people which using flame-retarded protective clothing are up to millions in China, so the potential market of flame-retarded protective clothing is tremendous. In addition to pure flame-retarded polyester yarn, factories can produce flame- retarded, waterproof, oil-repellent, antistatic, etc multifunction series products according to user's special requirements. For example, waterproof and oil-repellent finishing can improve the functionality of flame-retarded clothing: Flame-retardant and antistatic fabric is adopted interweaving with flame-retardant polyester yarns and conductive fibers. Blended interwoven with fire-resistant fibres and high performance fibers can produce high performance flame-retardant fabric. Blending with flame-retardant fibers and fiber such as cotton or viscose can improve the comfort of protective clothing, as well as reduce the secondary burns.