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China's textile industry will face to upgrade in 2013

Categories: Huilong newsRelease time: 2013-11-28 20:30:00
Source: Huilong ChemicalEditor: Fushetu Author: Fushetu

At present, china strongly emphasizes the construction of ecological civilization. The concept of "beautiful China" is more and more filtering into people's minds. Ministry and China's chemical fiber industry association and other units recently released the fiber trend reports, whose theme is "green, recycling and low carbon"In addition to showcase the downstream industry our fiber development results and set up the chemical fiber brand, also pointed out the development trend and direction to the chemical fiber production enterprises that they should be both quality differences functional and low carbon environmental sustainable. "Green, recycling and low-carbon" industrial era theme is passionately played on chemical fiber industry. When pursuing corporate profits, people should also take environmental production into consideration, and pay attention to the development of green industry. Industries in the Pearl River delta and Yangtze River delta, especially those large enterprise, already had a profound understanding of it. Therefore, the reporter specially visited Guangdong Qiu Sheng Resources Co., LTD.

As a member of the chemical fiber industry, Guangdong Qiu Sheng Resources Co., LTD. said they hoped the downstream industry also participate in the concept popularization and promotion of "green, recycling, low carbon". When meeting environmental trends and implementing the concept of green, chemical fiber industry also are looking forward to the joint efforts of the textile industry upstream and downstream chain. They also share the green industry development opportunities when participate in our country’s eco-civilization construction. They also open many production-study-research cooperation with Dong Hua University, and established the manufacture-learning-research cooperation, established a research and development center, which is the national high and new technology enterprise. Since 2007, the company has independently research and development for more than 20 varieties.

Among them "PET bottle waste to produce high strength polyester staple fiber technology development" technology has reached the international advanced level. This is a case in chemical fiber industry to develop recycling economy, in energy saving at the same time, and can solve the problem of recycling waste resource, which will be conducive to the sustainable development of the whole. In the textile industry, where the textile industry, to the design of clothing production, make the upstream and downstream industry common identity "green, recycling, low carbon" concept, and actively participate in the popularization and promotion of environmental protection concept, needs efforts from the whole members of the industry chain. In meet environmental trends, and implement the concept of green at the same time, with the joint efforts of everyone, not only can participate in the construction of ecological civilization in our country, also can share the green industry development opportunities, promote healthy and orderly development of the whole industry.