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How to identify dope dyed polyester yarn?[ 11-28 20:10 ]
Identify rayon, silk and polyester yarn. Rayon have bright luster, slightly boardy body feeling. There are many wrinkles when open after clenched by hand. Marks still exist after flattening. Unbend rayon can easily broken
The Application of dope dyed Polyester Yarn[ 11-28 20:10 ]
Polyester yarn has a very wide application which mainly used in the manufacture of clothing and industrial products
The Application of Polyester Yarn[ 11-28 20:10 ]
Polyester yarn has a very wide application which mainly used in the manufacture of clothing and industrial products
What are the Characteristic of Polyester?[ 11-28 20:11 ]
Polyester fabric is a kind of chemical fiber fabric which used quite a lot in the daily life. Its biggest advantages are having good wrinkle resistance and shape retention. Therefore, it’s suitable for coat clothing
What Features does Polyester Yarn Have?[ 01-04 20:12 ]
The characteristics of polyester yarn are withdraw the chemicals and washing frequently which can reduce clothes fade phenomenon. Therefore, hotel uniforms, blue cowboy clothing, sportswear, or children's clothing
What is dope dyed polyester yarn[ 01-19 20:12 ]
dope dyed polyester yarn is use natural or synthetic polymer as raw material, through the process of chemical or physical methods. Because of different source of polymer compounds, It can be divided into artificial fiber which
What is the Function of Adding Polyester into Clothing Fabric?[ 11-28 20:12 ]
The tenacity of polyester yarn is almost the best in all the textile fiber. Polyester yarn has wear-resisting, tensile-resisting, good color fastness. It can improve the tear strength and abrasion resistance of fabrics when blended with yarn or woven in fabric
What is the FDY and what is the DTY?[ 06-30 14:09 ]
our company's FDY is dope dyed polyester filament yarn, DTY is dope dyed polyester textured yarn.
What is the difference between polyester FDY yarn and DTY?[ 06-30 14:19 ]
FDY is the fully drawn yarn, without elastic; DTY with elastic, and fluffy
Know the difference between low elastic yarn and High intermingle yarn?[ 06-30 14:23 ]
low wlastic yarn is without knots, high intermingle yarn with about 100 knots per meter
Find the difference between bright and semi dull, and the difference in the price.[ 06-30 14:29 ]
our bright yarn is much brighter than the semi dull, but the price is similar.
Do you have some stock polyester yarn?[ 06-30 14:32 ]
We have the stock from 20D to 600D, could you tell me which specification o you want? And we have more than thousand of colors to be selected, which colors do you want?
Could you send me one color card of polyester yarn?[ 06-30 14:34 ]
Yes, no prblem. We can send you the free charge color card, but you should pay the freight charge.
May I know whether I could use your polyester yarn for making cladded yarn ?[ 06-30 14:36 ]
Yes Sir/Madam,We could produce this kind of polyester yarn.So may I know which color will you choose ?
which kind of dope dyed polyester yarn you have ?[ 06-30 14:38 ]
All of our products is dope dyed,PET and color master-batch.
Hoe about the color fastness of your products? Have been tested?[ 06-30 14:39 ]
Yes,our products have been tested by National Agency,and is over 4 grade.
Do you know which yarn used for Korea waxed thread?[ 06-30 14:41 ]
It can use dope dyed polyester filament yarn to produce.
Do you have polyester 200d/10f yarn?[ 07-09 16:02 ]
Could polyester DTY yarn be twisted?[ 07-09 16:06 ]
Could you make fdy 100d/48f colored twist yarn z-twist 350 tpm or fdy 150d/96f colored twist yarn z-twist 450 tpm?[ 07-10 15:30 ]
we could offer you fdy 100/48f, fdy 150d/96f, but you need to find twisting factory to twist.
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