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voluntary blood donation, love set sail[ 11-28 20:14 ]
To carry forward the mutual fraternal spirit-"one for all, all for one", and reflect the humanitarian spirit of heal the wounded and rescue the dying, company actively launch the cadres and workers to participate
Provincial Assessments of New Products in Zhejiang Huilong Chemical Fibre CO., LTD[ 11-28 20:15 ]
Provincial Assessments of New Products in Zhejiang Huilong Chemical Fibre CO., LTD
Foreign Guests Visit to polyester fdy yarn manufacturer[ 11-28 20:17 ]
Foreign Guests Visit to polyester fdy yarn manufacturer
2012 China polyester yarn Fair[ 11-28 20:20 ]
2012 China polyester yarn Fair
Customer Return Banquet of Zhejiang Huilong Chemical Fiber CO., LTD in 2011[ 11-28 20:21 ]
      Customer Return Banquet of Zhejiang Huilong Chemical Fiber CO., LTD in 2011  
Mr. Chen Come to Company to Train Staff[ 11-28 20:23 ]
  Mr. Chen Come to Company to Train Staff  
Sports meeting of china polyester yarn manufacturer in 2012[ 11-28 20:24 ]
Sports meeting of polyester yarn manufacturer in 2012
Characteristic Textile Industry Become Visible in Our County - HuiLong chemical Fiber[ 11-28 20:26 ]
Recently, in the production workshop of zhejiang HuiLong chemical fiber CO., LTD located in Yuyue town, the reporters saw colorful chemical fiber filament running merrily on the machine. The workers
China's textile industry will face to upgrade in 2013[ 11-28 20:30 ]
At present, china strongly emphasizes the construction of ecological civilization. The concept of "beautiful China" is more and more filtering into people's minds. Ministry and China's chemical fiber industry association
Low cost of dope dyed polyester dty yarn[ 01-06 10:30 ]
 All the companies want to buy low price and good quality products and they take into account the cost of the products when ordering. The dope dyed DTY which produced by Huilong Chemical Fibre become the best choice of customer. Their products can bring big convenience to users and price is very low. Good fastness make their products sell well in the worldwide.  In the eyes of many enterprises , in consideration of the needs and capacity of enterprises, dope dyed DTY are accepted
How about the price of dope dyed mono yarn?[ 06-06 21:01 ]
People will be very interested in the price of dope dyed mono yarn after realize the advantages of it.
Low cost of dope dyed polyester dty yarn non intermingle[ 06-10 08:25 ]
The dope dyed polyester dty yarn produced by Zhejiang Huilong Chemical Fibre Co., Ltd has become the best choice compared to other supplier’s dty non intermingle.
How about the price of color polyester yarn?[ 08-30 23:13 ]
Many people know that not only the quality and color of color polyester yarn, but also the price is recognized by people. In order to choose real products, everyone wants to know the price of color polyester yarn, especially before choose.
What kinds of colored polyester monofilament yarn?[ 06-12 20:56 ]
We can see that colored polyester monofilament yarns are often used in our daily life with the development of the living standard of the people.
Low Cost Colored polyester DTY yarn[ 06-14 15:00 ]
In the ordering process, companies always take the cost into account.
Colored Polyester Monofilament Yarn Get People’s Favor[ 06-16 14:06 ]
Nowadays, from neckties to silk screens, colored polyester monofilament yarn plays an irreplaceable role.
Trustworthy Eco-friendly Polyester Colored Yarn[ 06-16 15:06 ]
Many people focus on environmental protection. They use goods which must is eco-friendly, otherwise, the consequence is unanticipated.
Bright Colors of Colored Polyester Mono Yarn[ 06-16 16:10 ]
When choose clothes, we always take the color into consideration.
eco-friendly color poliester yarn without poisonousness[ 06-18 19:20 ]
People will see many polyester yarn products in market, and some of those are effected to body, also it with harmless.
Environmental Colored Polyester Yarn without Toxicity[ 06-19 15:00 ]
Polyester yarn is widely used in the market. Some products can influence our body and even bring harm.
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