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Market Competitive Advantage of Polyester fdy yarn[ 02-02 20:27 ]
Polyester fdy is widely used in the field of thread-making. It have stable fineness and good resilience which won’t exist the condition of broken wires easily etc when stretching by machine. Therefore
Fashionable and Specialized of Garment Accessories[ 11-28 20:27 ]
In the past, consumers judged the quality of clothes from part of buttons and zippers etc. When bought clothes. Now consumers is not only look to the practical value of a garment, but also to see if
Polyester multifilament in Line with the Trend of Market Development[ 11-28 20:28 ]
Polyester multifilament is a kind of yarn, has the general characteristic of polyester yarn. It won’t moldy or eat by moth. Moreover, it has other features, such as high quality and inexpensive
Three Big Changes will Occur in Worldwide Textile Industry[ 11-28 20:29 ]
Firstly, the global textile materials are highly scarce, and the people inside and outside the industry has been paid close attention to this point. From the raw materials of natural fiber, land resource has become the
Textile Exports to Swiss are expected to implement zero-tariff policy[ 11-28 20:29 ]
A few days ago, under the witness of Premier Li Keqiang and Swiss president Ueli Maurer, Chinese minister of commerce Gao Hucheng and the Swiss federal councilor and economy minister Schneider - Oman
Industry Informatization Conference of ChinaTextile Industry Association[ 11-28 20:30 ]
Industry informatization conference of China textile industry association, aims to study the textile industry’s present condition of informationization, and to explore the strategies and methods to push
The World Textile and Chemical Fiber Oil has Good Prospects for Development[ 11-28 20:31 ]
China market research center, the original affiliates of national bureau of statistics, now is party of CASS Institute of contemporary urban and rural development planning. Its work is to process data of trades
Chemical fiber industry in 2013 is expected to gradually recover[ 11-28 20:31 ]
Just in the past year of 2012, obvious decline in chemical fiber industry profit lets us thinking: is the era of chemical fiber industry high profits over? How about the industry situation in 2013? At the
Dope Dyed Polyester Yarn of Zhejiang Huilong Chemical Fibre Co.,Ltd,Polyester Filament Yarn FDY,Dope Dyed Polyester Yarn[ 03-04 15:49 ]
Huilong Chemical Fibre is a professional dope dyed polyester yarn manufacturers.
What are the advantages of dope dyed polyester yarn?[ 05-19 12:30 ]
 There are many people in the use of dope dyed polyester yarn around us. This material has a strong advantage, which not only comfortable , but also with high quality. The strong environmental-friendly materials nature get people's approval. We can see the rapid development of this products in recent years. Then, what advantages does it have?  The material of dope dyed polyester yarn non-toxic, harmless environmentally friendly and without irritation to person's skin. Furthermore
Blended fabric can’t do without dope dyed FDY[ 06-03 10:30 ]
Nowadays, it is undeniable that clothing fabrics in the market has experienced a big change from monotonous polyester fabric, cotton fabric to functional fabric, such as spandex, chinlon and modal fibre.
Advantages of dope dyed polyester yarn[ 06-04 22:53 ]
There are many applications of dope dyed polyester yarn around us.
The Future Development for Dope Dyed Polyester Monofilament Yarn[ 06-05 16:14 ]
Dope dyed polyester monofilament are widely used in many fields
More ease when using eco-friendly colored polyester yarn[ 06-09 23:29 ]
People with sensitive skin will pay more attention to fabric to see if it’s eco-friendly.
How to choose colored fdy polyester yarn[ 01-20 08:29 ]
When purchasing colored fdy polyester yarn, people need to grasp some tips. It will get twice results with half the effort when choose.
dope dyed polyester monofilament yarn is favored by people[ 06-11 23:32 ]
Nowadays,dope dyed polyester monofilament yarn play an irreplaceable role in many fields. Such as neckties and filaments in industrial manufacture area.
eco-friendly colored polyester yarn is trusted by people[ 06-11 23:41 ]
More and more people will pay attention on the problem of eco-friendly. Do not use the goods without eco-friendly.
dope dyed NIM polyester yarn have non-poisonous features[ 06-11 23:40 ]
Lots of products be made in dope dyed NIM polyester yarn around us, and those products have no harmful effects to our body. Also it has many advantages and benefits.
Colored DTY, no formaldehyde[ 06-12 21:11 ]
For convenience, people always choose to use colored DTY.
Strong Availability of Eco-friendly Colored Polyester Yarn[ 06-12 21:21 ]
People in the twenty-first century pay much attention to health and environmental protection, even the use of good, especially goods that direct contact with our skin.
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