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Do colored FDY business with Germany[ 04-18 15:30 ]
We first meet in Istanbul yarn fair and re-meet in Shanghai March 18th. And 20days later,we confirm everything to accomplish one order. This is our efficiency in colored fdy business,also in other colored polyester business.
Buy polyester filament yarn[ 04-24 15:30 ]
The summer is coming, so more and more colored clothing will be appeared. Whether the clothing or other clothing industry in daily life, the polyester filament yarn will be in the garments.
Huilong's colored polyester yarn[ 04-25 15:30 ]
Colored polyester yarn will be a part of fashion. Nowadays people pay more and more attention to the fashion, there are many fashion magazines are in promotion of multicolor to fashion trends. Because the gorgeous color became a major bright spot to be focused, and the achievement of these colorful dream, the most commonly material is colored polyester yarn.
A suitable manufacturers of polyester yarn[ 04-26 15:30 ]
Nowadays, price of polyester yarn in the market now is very unstable.The raw materials price has rising all the time. So there is a problem for choosing a suitable manufacturers of polyester yarn.
Invitation for Inatex in indonesia (new dope dyed polyester)[ 04-23 15:30 ]
Zhejiang Huilong New Materials Co.,Ltd is one of the dope dyed polyetser yarn leaders in china. Huilong’s main products are dope dyed polyester yarn FDY, DTY, POY,MONO. And the products are all with color directly, no need to dyeing again. Compared with the traditional dyeing polyester yarn, It is more eco-friendly, the color fastness is much better, it is much good for large quantity production. So the dope dyed polyester yarn is more and more popular to be used for sofa fabric, curtain fabric,
Polyester FDY 150D for making metallic yarn[ 04-28 15:30 ]
This Wednesday ,we drive to visit one of our domestic customers ,who are metallic yarn manufacturer and supplier.
The widely usage of polyester yarn dty[ 04-29 15:30 ]
Polyester yarn dty is widely used in knitting area. It has advantage in the prevention and control of machine processing . Polyester yarn dty is not easy to tuck, the the product is very smooth, which is the best choice of many clothes fabric and household textiles. Such as quilt cover, bedspread. Besides, it is also used in sofa fabric, automotive textile and so on.
HuiLong colored polyester yarn full range of variety[ 05-08 15:30 ]
The market is more and more completive, the colored polyester yarn manufactory is more and more. In this compact market environment, many excellent-character manufactories are brought up. Huilong New Material Company is one of it. Not only the quality but also the public praise, they are pioneers in the industry.
The Beautiful sofa cloth made by Dope Dyed Polyester Texturized Yarn non –intermingle[ 05-12 15:30 ]
Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standard, sofa entered thousands of households. The requirement of sofa is varied, such as: soft hand-feeling, rich luster, bright-color and so on. Just the colored polyester yarn has those advantages above, so it is popular with most people.
150D/48F colored dope dyed polyester fdy yarn[ 05-14 15:30 ]
100% dope dyed polyester yarn is Eco-Friendly with the color spinning. It can be used for embroidery, knitting, Sewing and Weaving, have AA or A grade, trilobal bright, and certification: ISO9001 and ISO014001.
A dope dyed polyester yarn dealers from Tunis visited Huilong[ 05-23 15:30 ]
It is a happy day to me, one of my friend from Tunis, we have contacted more than 6 month, even we have never seen each other before, but I know each other a lot. My friend doing the dope dyed polyester yarn business for more than 6 years, and his father own a family business for dope dyed polyester yarn Before they come to china, they bought the waste yarn or balance polyester yarn from Europe manufacturer, and then use it to make the thread, so they sell the thread to their customer to produce
The outstanding polyester yarn manufacturer--Huilong[ 05-24 15:30 ]
Nowadays, a lot of friends when buy some polyester yarns, they will find polyester yarn manufacturers, in order to make his goods with the best quality. Polyester yarns are now widely used, it can be seen in every corner of life of the product, there are a lot of friends in the process of using will feel the advantage of this product, many clothes manufacturing unit is use of this characteristic, with some senior designer of the design, let more people put on polyester yarn material clothes.
Learn to trust in color polyester yarn business[ 05-26 15:30 ]
In several years’ color polyester yarn business,lots of buyers have been my good buddies. They are from different countries and focus on many textile&fabric industrial,such as thread,home textile fabric and clothing.We have set business relation for around 8 years and sometimes these friends would recommend some new buyers ,because they trust our polyester yarn quality and believe in us anytime.
Well sale dope dyed polyester yarn FDY 150D/144F[ 05-28 15:30 ]
During the April, the Jakarta exhibition, one of Indonesian chinese Mr.Zheng visted our booth, and he attracted by our dope dyed polyester yarn FDY 150D/144F. Their factory specialized in blanket, they usually use the raw white 150/144 dty do it, and they find the yarn with elastic, so the products is two elastic. After they found our dope dyed yarn, it is good news for the them, the yarn without elastic, that will be very good for them.And the price for the dope dyed yarn price is much lower.
Huilong's polyester filament yarn[ 05-29 15:30 ]
Due to lack of advanced dope dyed technology, somewhere in the world,those factories still use the traditional dyed technology. They dyed fabric from water ,but destroy the surroundings and effect their health.
Manufacturer of dope dyed polyester yarn-Zhejiang Huilong New Materials[ 10-28 15:30 ]
Zhejiang Huilong New Materials have more than 10 years of experience of manufacturing and sale dope dyed polyester yarn. The main products are dope dyed polyester yarn fdy, dty, poy and mono. It is widely used into decorate fabric, sofa fabric, curtain fabric etc.
Huilong's Dope dyed polyester texturized yarn DTY[ 05-31 15:30 ]
Dope dyed polyester texturized filament yarn DTY is one of the polyester filament,which have the obvious characters of good soft luster, fluffy enough and wide using field.The dope dyed polyester texturized DTY yarn not only can be used for making of garment materials, but also making the ornamentation. Knitting and weaving will prefer to use the dope dyed polyester texturized yarn.
Full range of colored polyester yarn fdy[ 06-01 15:30 ]
The market is more and more completive, the colored polyester yarn manufactory is more and more. In this compact market environment, many excellent-character manufactories are brought up. Huilong New Material Company is one of it. Not only the quality but also the public praise, they are pioneers in the industry.
Waiting for your suggestions to our website about dope dyed polyester yarn[ 06-02 15:30 ]
When you open our website,you will find we are dope dyed polyester yarn manufacturer. We have 4 main series products, dope dyed polyetser yarn FDY, DTY, POY,MONO. And we have a lot of specifications, 20-600D/24-288F, different specification can be used in different ways, and we also have some new specifications,like 150/144, 300/288 dope dyed FDY and DTY.We want show all of our information on the website, if the customer want to search anything, they can find it out in our website,.But if the in
The meaning for dope dyed polyester yarn[ 10-26 15:30 ]
Dope dyed polyester yarn is also called color yarn, the yarn produced by the new technology. This yarn made by the polyester chip and masterbatch, the yarn with directly, and it no need to dyeing again. So it can save the dyeing process, and it is much more environmental. It is more and more popular in hometextile, narrow tape, description fabric and so on.
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