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Colored ribbon with colored polyester fdy yarn[ 06-05 15:30 ]
In recent years, the usage of colored polyester fdy yarn as ribbon materials has become a trend. It is also because the colored polyester fdy yarns as raw material to produce textiles has better shape and more gorgeous color. Thus it used in women's fashion clothing and curtain, car mats and other aspects. In order to ensure the production of textile products has better finalize the design and bright color, the choice of raw materials is very important.
Huilong is a Colored polyester yarn factory[ 06-07 15:30 ]
Colored polyester yarn factory adhering to the scientific management, pioneering and innovative, customer first, reputation first business philosophy. In the domestic sales market has won the popularity of the mass production factories, adopt the mode of diversified sales on the sales way, accept the orders and network orders, etc. Extremely low down payment, relieve your funding concerns.
FDY and DTY manufacturer Huilong's May Sales Conference[ 06-08 15:30 ]
The Huilong May Sales Conference have been hold in June 2ed, the sales manager Mr. Wang preside the whole meeting. In the Sales Conference, the every department reported their work.
polyester yarn FDY and DTY manufacturer congratulate to children[ 06-09 15:30 ]
As the coming of the International Children’s Day. Huilong party branch and the manager of FDY, DTY workshop went to the Yuyue Town.
colored polyester filament yarn[ 02-15 08:28 ]
 Not only divided into colored colored polyester filament yarn is also divided into colored polyester filament yarn, today Xiaobian together with in-depth understanding of some characteristics of colored polyester filament yarn and the role in life. First...
Buy 300d polyester yarn FDY to Huilong[ 04-04 16:12 ]
 Buy 300d polyester yarn FDY to Zhejiang Huilong is a wise choice, Zhejiang Huilong 300D polyester yarn FDY inventory sufficient, the color up to 400 kinds, basically do not need to be customized, we have a lot of customers The industry are using 300D pol...
Buy 150d polyester DTY yarn to Huilong new materials[ 04-17 10:27 ]
 Buy 150d polyester DTY yarn to Huilong new materials Huilong new material is well-known in Zhejiang veteran chemical fiber manufacturers, the company has more than 20 years experience in the production of polyester yarn, give you more professional and m...
Huilong color spinning polyester yarn five big advantage[ 04-21 16:54 ]
 Huilong dope dyed polyester yarn compared with the traditional dyeing polyester yarn has the following five major advantages. Firstly, in terms of price, dope dyed polyester yarn out the late dyeing processing process, greatly reduces the production cost...
Polyester filament yarn for window[ 05-02 11:04 ]
 Multi window with polyester filament yarn as raw material, because the screen is exposed for a long time, easy to absorb dust, aging and fading, caused by environmental pollution, thus requiring better color fastness to light, anti-aging ability, easy cl...
Sofa fabric used from Huilong colored polyester filament yarn[ 05-18 13:20 ]
 Now a lot of families will choose the sofa fabric, polyester sofa fabric is one of them, often using polyester filament yarn as raw materials because of its great strength and wear resistance, good elasticity, and the advantages of heat resistance is str...
300d Polyester dty yarn of wall cloth without formaldehyde[ 05-18 13:27 ]
300d Polyester dty yarn from Huilong wall cloth is also very easy to do, dirty a wipe with wet cloth, concentrate coloring technology in the production of polyester fiber evanescent hues is higher than common dyeing and finishing of polyester yarns washing fastness.
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