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Advantages of colored polyester monofilament Yarn[ 06-20 15:00 ]
When we choose textiles for daily use, always pick out these good color fastness product, so will increase the quality of goods, and more durable to use
Dope dyed poliester yarn play a greater role[ 06-22 15:40 ]
when we choose clothing in life, will consider its appearance, but also considering its luster, these are the need to mix
Dope dyed mono yarn[ 06-22 16:38 ]
People have a special loving of dope dyed mono yarn, and the products involved field is very strong, play the role of products is great, you will see different kinds of dope dyed mono yarn, the final application is different, it is been divided into round...
Color Polyester Monofilament Yarn with Good Color Fastness[ 06-25 20:27 ]
When purchase goods, we need to consider several aspects. For colored polyester monofilament yarn, the most important aspect need to be considered is the good degree of color fastness.
Colored polyester yarn DTY is Comfortable to wear[ 01-15 20:34 ]
With the improvement of our living standards, some aspects, like decorations, all change and there are many products that are good to be worn. But the most satisfied that consumer feel is the soft of colored DTY.
colored polyester DTY yarn[ 01-11 20:45 ]
The price of colored polyester DTY nim is very reasonable, and the process it uses will see the firmness of the product is relatively strong, and people can feel the effects from the use of this product is great, it's low prices, good quality products won the people's favor.
Colored 100% polyester monofilament yarn meets consumer demand[ 06-25 21:12 ]
The emergence of colored polyester monofilament yarn is mainly to make cloth can be more soft
Dope dyed low elastic polyester yarn show silk smooth[ 01-07 23:19 ]
Someone said that smooth appears on the finished fabric cloth, just look at the yarn is can't see its smooth, but I would say this is wrong
The application range of the low elastic dope dyed polyester yarn[ 06-28 23:23 ]
Silk clothing fabrics are more and more widely used in today's society, and in order to meet the people to the application requirements of different silk products, silk products type also more and more
How to choose the green colored polyester yarn?[ 01-05 23:30 ]
Purchasing green colored polyester yarn is a lot of manufacturers often encountered problems, in the face of a large number of manufacturers on the market
green colored polyester yarns very popular[ 07-24 11:10 ]
Environmental protection, the term has a very high rate of search in now society
What is the green colored polyester yarn can be used for?[ 02-01 11:13 ]
Environmental protection, the term has a very high rate of search in now society, because environmental protection has become the theme of The Times, as people deeper damage to the environment
Why green colored polyester yarn is more green[ 07-24 11:18 ]
Environmental protection in every industry are increasingly focused on the inside, and in the textile industry, the emergence of green colored polyester yarn textile industry seemed to have started the green pace.
What's the main usages of colored dty yarn[ 09-10 23:31 ]
What is colored dty yarn? It's the first response that people hear this words.
The colored polyester monofilament to add color family[ 09-10 23:47 ]
In daily life, always some things make us very like, also is our necessities of life .
eco-friend colored polyester yarn with high security[ 09-11 17:42 ]
When people mentioned the security products will note eco-friendly colored polyester yarn.It's the fact know by everyone.People also know this products with high eco-friendly and without any harmful substance from its name.
Strictly treat the quality of products, Sincerely to seek the innovative technical[ 09-12 22:30 ]
Since the founding of the former, ribbon technology has always been to take handicraft mill production pattern, behind the old, do not say, also can't form scale advantage
To add colors for family of colored polyester monofilament[ 09-13 15:06 ]
We are very favored for something in daily life. Also it is our necessities of life. Such as the curtains, every family all need the curtain, it can not only have to block the light in the night, to protect the privacy of our role, but also can rise to decorate and beautify the role of household, add a color to our home.
Brief introduction a variety of colored polyester yarn[ 09-15 21:37 ]
Jeans is the most common in daily. Jeans not only wear-resisting durable, but also not easy to fade, so this is why? Actually raw materials of jeans is called colored polyester yarn. Actually polyester yarn is most thing raw materials. Our daily life can be seen there shadow everywhere in life. So just for everyone to introduce about all kinds of polyester yarn.
Eco-friend colored dty is your best choice[ 09-16 23:36 ]
I believe that you often see all kinds of colored polyester yarn in our daily life.Colored polyester yarn is widely used in clothing, upholstery, etc.
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