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Green dope dyed polyester yarn brings life more security[ 09-17 15:30 ]
There is such a business, he can for people to bring a sense of security ,make our life full of joy; there is such a business, he is able to provide high quality and inexpensive raw materials for manufacturers, allow enterprises to more steady development!
What is the Advantages of Colored DTY[ 09-19 15:30 ]
As a kind of material for knitting, colored DTY is extremely useful. People can find a considerable number of manufacturers in the market. Its common resilience and great light performance brings us many convenience, because it has convenience a large number for producing.
What is the Main Role of Colord textured yarn[ 09-18 15:30 ]
Colored textured yarn has two main features, one is the color and the other is the low elasticity. Many factories in textile industry also choose materials according these two features. So compared with other colored polyester yarn what occasion is its features more suitable for and what kind of services can it offers?
Colour polyester monofilament yarn keep the public praise by quality[ 09-21 15:30 ]
Colored polyester monofilament yarn generally refers to the specification of 20D, 25D, 30D polyester yarn. And the cross section shape generally divided into triangular shaped, round, trilobal profiled etc.
Briefly introduce the characteristics of the colored polyester yarn[ 09-25 15:30 ]
For the colored polyester yarns may be very strange. But for its usages, may be familiar with it. Such as home textiles, wedding dresses are made of polyester yarn.
The latest price of colored polyester yarn[ 07-20 15:30 ]
We also know that the colored polyester yarn in our daily life, people have to focus on colored polyester yarns, don't want to understand the colored polyester yarn price is impossible. So recently about procurement of colored polyester yarn, how about the latest price?
The prospect of dope dyed polyester monofilament yarn is very good[ 09-27 15:30 ]
The development history of raw materials but quite long, from ancient times to now face hemp, silk products to now cotton, chemical fiber products. Is the development of human history is a process from scratch.
What’s the main purpose of the colored polyester yarn[ 10-07 15:30 ]
Polyester yarn materials two palace of the pearl river delta and the Yangtze river delta, the use of it in the textile enterprises is very broad, of course, it is not only can bring our garments better comfort, but also make the production of clothes more beautiful and moving
Why environmental dope dyed polyester yarn is popular[ 10-05 16:33 ]
Environmental protection, in the haze of rampant domestic and again and again been mentioned by us. In the eyes of environmentalists, anything related to environmental protection, they will tend to be more selective. For ordinary people, also began to notice the importance of environmental protection, began to have a more environmentally conscious choice of material for the body, for us selective
Whether the price for environmental colored polyester yarn is expensive?[ 10-08 17:00 ]
Many goods contact with the words “environmental”, generally it will rise in price, for the first sight for green colored polyester yarn, some people will ask, is it expensive, from the perspective of environmental protection.
Color low elastic polyester textured yarn[ 01-12 15:30 ]
In order to let us more convenient, people will choose doped dyed low elastic polyester textured yarn, just hear the name that we can dedicate the elasticity for the product is very moderate, not high, which is not meaning without elasticity, and always stay in a reasonable range, can let you see the role of this product is also very broad, and this low elastic polyester textured yarn can widely play a role in many fields.
whether dope dyed polyester yarn price is good?[ 10-13 15:30 ]
When we buy dope dyed polyester yarn, will take into account the price, will also take into account whether the material have the characteristics of high environmental protection ,and whether it is the lowest price, the best product with lowest price ,and the products has not any side effect ,do not contain harmful substances ,so people can not help to ask whether dope dyed polyester yarn price is good?
Benefit from using green colored polyester filament[ 10-14 15:30 ]
A lot of people in the purchase of the product, will see whether the goods they buy have pungent taste, these are method to find whether the products have formaldehyde. If the process of these products do not taste will represent it is does not contain formaldehyde, if there is a sharp taste you will see the products containing formaldehyde.
Application of dope dyed polyester monofilament yarn[ 10-15 15:30 ]
With the development of economy, China's manufacturing enterprises are constantly reinforce their own strength, Zhejiang Huilong New Materials as with 17 years of manufacturing experience of the "old" chemical manufacturers, very confident to their own produced dope dyed polyester monofilament yarn.
Dope dyed DTY provide convenience[ 10-16 15:30 ]
Everybody in the selection of textile products, will consider its process, especially the product design concept is very strong, the sense of art is very good, dope dyed DTY become the best choice, in the production, products can play a significant role, consumers will see the elasticity of products is not high, this is to make a longer service life of products, but also to feel many advantage of the products.
The colored non-intermingle yarn of carpets is favored by polyester colored yarn[ 10-20 16:00 ]
Now people not only pursue high quality life, more the pursuit of environmental health living environment. For environmental health is the most important. Especially the items needed all green healthy environmental protection in daily life, and the necessities also need environmental protection material, no-formaldehyde. The carpet with colored non-intermingle yarn is the daily life supplies of raw materials of environmental protection.
Colored DTY yarn is one of polyester textured yarns[ 10-21 15:30 ]
Colored DTY yarn is one of polyester textured yarns, it called draw textured yarn. It's on the same machine for the corresponding tensile, deformation processing into polyester yarn. it is actually the same kind of material with the usual low stretch polyester filament, just the English name called polyester DTY.
Chiffon belt with colour polyester monofilament yarn is professional by Huilong[ 10-22 15:30 ]
Now whatever is acts appropriately to the situation. No matter see a doctor or looking for the right solution to the problem, as long as things right, to get the fundamental solution. Therefore, the word professional is very important.
Huilong of colored polyester monofilament yarn with high cost-effective[ 10-23 15:30 ]
Colored polyester monofilament yarn is one of the most important synthetic fiber products, and it is also very widely used. Trace the development history of polyester, have to mention is polyamide. It is the world's first synthetic fiber. With bright color, quality reliable, by polyamide advantage, development is also getting better and better. The polyester fiber is also arises at the historic moment.
color polyester yarn adopt the directed dope dyed mode[ 10-24 15:30 ]
Color polyester yarn is familiar to people. The raw material is no stimulating to skin and non-toxic and harmless, those all will protect the customers. Anyone will feel more comfortable when use it, also it adopts the directed dope dyed mode,this mode with more advantages.
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