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Color polyester yarns have various types[ 10-25 15:30 ]
Polyester yarn and colored polyester yarns are produced by the same process, just the color is changed, this is the difference between them. But the common advantage that is both of eco-friendly and it has a good effect for our skin to breathe. Let us to introduce the various specifications of it.
Eco-friendly colour poliester yarn[ 10-29 15:30 ]
Colored polyester yarn has a very wide range of usage, exist in every field of our daily life. Firstly, about the garment industry, we can find that our clothes with a large part of the composition, or find it’s made of pure polyester yarn.
Dope dyed textured yarn, low price, good quality[ 10-31 15:30 ]
Dope dyed textured yarn price is very reasonable, and from which people can feel this product in use effect is very big, its low price, good quality won the people's favor. Consumers see Huilong produced dope dyed textured yarn has gradually become the best choice.
Green color polyester yarn is with non-toxic[ 11-01 15:30 ]
The people in the life, will consider to bring the best care to family and friends , in the use of the goods should have environmental protection products, Huilong green colored polyester yarn let people get the trust, also let everybody see this product has no toxic ,so bring many convenience to customers.
Dope dyed DTY good or not[ 10-31 15:30 ]
Dope dyed DTY in the present application in all textile products is very wide. Such as curtains, tablecloths, carpet etc.
Color polyester filament yarn prices based on consumers recognize[ 11-02 15:30 ]
Many products have experienced sales agent for many times in the process of link of production and sales, and many times promotion expenses may account for all products cost 80%, so the price of the product is "inconsistent". And we Huilong dope dyed polyester filament yarn production price is reasonable, eliminates most of the cost of the middle, really do make the consumer benefits.
Dope dyed intermingle yarn widely application[ 11-03 15:30 ]
Compared with the traditional cloth, chemical fiber product has bright color, good quality advantages. More and more products already cannot do without high-quality chemical fiber raw materials. Application of dope dyed intermingle yarn in chemical fiber series is very extensive.
Dope dyed FDY yarn quality been recognized by vast number of consumers[ 11-04 15:30 ]
The quality of the production of products largely depends on the raw material. Whether it is the production of semi-finished or finished products, textile products is the most important raw material.
Extensive use of dope dyed polyester filament yarn[ 11-05 15:30 ]
Dope dyed polyester filament yarn is divided into monofilaments and multifilament. Today, followed a deeply discuss of dope dyed polyester filament yarn. Dope dyed polyester filament yarn have specification of 75D 100D, 150D, 200D, 300D, 450D, 500D, 600D etc.
Colour polyester textured yarn introduction and usage[ 01-16 15:30 ]
Colour polyester textured yarn is a kind of polyester fiber products, is polyester material. The so-called polyester textured yarn not only has excellent flexibility, but also not easy to deformation, also has good flame retardant effect. Always have a wide range of uses, generally used in the clothing and textile industry field.
The factors to affect the prices of colored polyester yarn[ 11-08 15:30 ]
Some friends would like to purchase polyester yarn will find the price of colored polyester yarn is different, a lot of friends are very confused for it. Today let us to introduce the problems.
Brightness dope dyed intermingle yarn[ 11-10 15:30 ]
Now everywhere of the market can see dope dyed intermingle yarn sale, but do you know why some very expensive, and some are ludicrously low price? In fact, the reason is nothing but only two points, that is, quality assurance and production enterprise credit reputation.
Huilong enviromental protection dope dyed polyester monofilament yarn ----the pioneer in the field[ 11-11 15:30 ]
Nowadays, the concept of environmental protection more and more win support among the people. We have only one earth, more should cherish our homeland. Now more and more serious pollution of industry, a lot of pollution can not lift through the manual work.
Huilong production of dope dyed FDY complete product range[ 11-12 15:30 ]
The market competition is more and more fierce, dope dyed polyester yarn production manufacturers are also more and more. In such a compact market environment, has created many excellent quality manufacturers. Zhejiang Huilong New Materials produced dope dyed FDY is one of them .Whether it is the quality of the product or the manufacturer's reputation is a pioneer in the industry.
Zhejiang Huilong New Materials dope dyed polyester monofilament with chiffon application[ 11-13 15:30 ]
Dope dyed polyester monofilament with chiffon application is more and more extensive, no matter is in the streets and back lanes or supermarkets everywhere can be seem. Dope dyed polyester monofilament is suitable for large-scale production, therefore, dope dyed polyester monofilament with chiffon application become garment factory greatest favor object.
The price of colored polyester yarn high?[ 11-14 15:30 ]
When we buy colored polyester yarn, will consider its price, will also consider to whether the material has the characteristics of high environmental protection, it is best quality and low price, and this product without any bad effects, and contains no harmful substances to the body, some people ask colored polyester yarn price will be high?
The dope dyed textured yarn with the characteristics of not faded[ 11-15 15:30 ]
There are a lot of textiles, each have different characteristics, in numerous products Zhejiang Huilong New Material production of dty yarn get clients’ love. it have the function of good fastness, and also won't appear in the process of using slack or jump line, etc, the dope dyed dty and dope dyed fdy also have strong advantage.
The wearability of colored polyester yarn[ 11-16 15:30 ]
As people living standard rise, people will see that colored polyester yarns bring a lot of use, products annual sales volume is very big, the yarn wearability is very good, and after long-term use products drop phenomenon does not occur, these are you can see the fact, also won't appear loose, very convenient.
Colored dty yarn provide convenience[ 11-17 15:30 ]
Everybody when choosing textile products, will consider its process, especially the design idea of the products is very strong, art also is very good, colored dty yarn became the best choice for people, when production, the product is useful, consumers will see the elasticity of the product is not high, these are all in order to make the product service life longer, and will also experience many of the product advantages.
The top grade polyester yarn of the embroidery[ 11-19 15:29 ]
Recently with the development of science and technology, the colored polyester filament yarn produced by newly-developing textile industry, is gradually replacing other cotton nylon material products in the textile industry. Dope dyed polyester filament yarn has the characteristic of resistance, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, heat resistance, which is much better than other on the same material.
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