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The advantages of dope dyed fdy[ 11-21 15:30 ]
When we select the daily life of textiles, always choose the best gloss strong product, it will also increase the level of commodity, and enables the use of more durable, even after a few years will not feel outdated or obsolete, always so novel, if high brightness of dope dyed fdy, after many years still shiny, these are the advantages of the products you see.
Brightness of dope dyed DTY yarn[ 11-22 15:30 ]
Now everywhere of the market can see dope dyed DTY yarn sale, but do you know why some very expensive, and some are ludicrously low price? In fact, the reason is nothing but only two points, that is, quality assurance and production enterprise credit reputation.
Have to say high quality 100% polyester filament yarn fdy[ 11-23 15:30 ]
See textile products on the market a superb collection of beautiful things must be surprised at his extraordinary color and quality. What kind of raw material can produce such high quality finished products. It is 100% polyester filament yarn fdy we Huilong production provided high-quality raw materials to create products of high standards and high quality.
Polyester textured yarn, low price, good quality[ 11-24 15:30 ]
Polyester textured yarn price is very reasonable, and from which people can feel this product in use effect is very big, its low price, good quality won the people's favor. Consumers see Huilong produced polyester textured yarn has gradually become the best choice.
Dope dyed DTY is not fade[ 11-25 15:30 ]
There are a lot of textile product in the market, each of which has different characteristics, in many of those products, Zhejiang Huilong New Material produced dope dyed polyester yarn been loved by people ,It not fade after using, also not lax or emergence jumper and so on. In addition the company production of dope dyed dty and FDY products also have very strong advantages.
Fdy polyester yarns play a greater role[ 11-26 15:30 ]
When we choose clothing in life, will consider its appearance, but also considering its luster, these are the need to mix, if collocation is not good but also reduce the product fashion sense, and not to the beautiful role, therefore, when people choose fdy polyester yarns produced clothing, also take into account the effect of it, and with the suitable for their own products will be better.
Promotion of eco-friendly colored polyester yarn[ 11-27 15:30 ]
Under the concept of sustainable development, environmental protection energy conservation material has gradually replace other materials and play an important role in the market. Eco-friendly colored polyester yarns are gradually as a new type of green materials by the manufacturer and consumer recognition.
The first selection of low carbon life-Ecofriendly colored polyester yarn[ 11-28 15:30 ]
The usage of green colored polyester yarn is extremely broad, the characteristics of environmental protection without dyeing is also became a great selling point.
Reliable china polyester yarn manufacturers-Zhejiang Huilong New Material[ 11-30 15:30 ]
Now colored polyester yarn has become a home textiles, garments, act the role of the main auxiliary material cushion, sofa and car market expands gradually led to the need of polyester products in our country.
Our advantages, your approval[ 12-01 15:30 ]
Dty polyester yarn manufacturers adhere to the scientific management, pioneering and innovative, customer first, reputation first business philosophy.
The company of colored polyester yarn to build the high quality products[ 12-05 15:30 ]
Whether the clothing or other clothing industry in daily life, the polyester filament yarn will be in the garments. But maybe now some people don't know its purpose and features. So let us to know about what are the specific purpose and characteristics of it.
Using polyester yarns become a fashion[ 12-07 15:30 ]
Use polyester colored yarn production of a series of clothing or other household items, it has become a fashion.
Colored DTY yarns is one of polyester textured yarns[ 12-03 15:30 ]
Colored DTY yarns is one of polyester textured yarns, it called draw textured yarn. It's on the same machine for the corresponding tensile, deformation processing into polyester yarn. it is actually the same kind of material with the usual low stretch polyester filament, just the English name called polyester DTY.
Polyester colored textured yarn of comfortable shoes material[ 12-04 15:30 ]
A pair of good shoes, make you walking miles enough. If you want feel comfortable, the most important is that need a good pair of shoes. The stand or fall of shoes has direct relationship with design and material. Shoes material fabric soft, comfortable, breathable, absorb sweat and deodorant shoes, most people are like.
Colored non-intermingle yarn of carpets is favored by polyester colored yarn[ 12-06 15:30 ]
Now people not only pursue high quality life, more the pursuit of environmental health living environment. For environmental health is the most important. Especially the items needed all green healthy environmental protection in daily life, and the necessities also need environmental protection material, no-formaldehyde. The carpet with colored non-intermingle yarn is the daily life supplies of raw materials of environmental protection.
Choose dope dyed fdy, Let you become a fashion leader[ 12-08 15:30 ]
In recent years,dope dyed fdy as fibrous materials has become a trend, it is also because the use of dope dyed fdy as raw material to produce textiles has better shape and more gorgeous color, thus in women's fashion clothing and curtain, auto pillow and other aspects are widely used.
The dope dyed dty achievement your colorful dream[ 12-09 15:30 ]
Nowadays people pay more and more attention to fashion, there are more and more fashion magazines are in promotion of multielement to fashion trends. Because the gorgeous color became a bright spot let be focused, and the achievement of these colorful dream, the most commonly used material is dope dyed dty.
Choose HuiLong is choose beautiful life[ 12-10 15:30 ]
Now people who pursue of fashion are more and more high. Recently the Fashion Mom, Sun li's clothing became a highlight of the play, so do you know the raw material of producing these beautiful clothing is colored dty yarn?
The company of colour polyester yarn to build the high quality products[ 12-11 15:30 ]
Whether the clothing or other clothing industry in daily life, the colour polyester yarn will be in the garments. But maybe now some people don't know its purpose and features. So let us to know about what are the specific purpose and characteristics of it.
Polyester colored dty, your wise choice[ 12-12 15:30 ]
Today is a pluralistic society, a lot of foreign non-ferrous polyester yarns of design inspiration and ideas into mainland China. So not only is the material of the clothing style and the style is very outstanding.
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