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Finding Huilong New Materials to buy polyester dty[ 01-08 15:30 ]
Polyester dty has good resistance to effect of heat, which is good raw material of woven processing. Made of fabric has been widely used in industry, even in high temperature environment also won't affect the quality of the fabric, it's not easy to fire when close to the flame ignited, which is most suitable for industrial gloves, overalls, etc. Polyester dty feel comfortable, smooth and soft, And color and lustre is colorful, is the fabric material of many clothing.
Color polyester dty is the best choice of work costume[ 01-09 15:30 ]
Polyester yarn application is very extensive, which can be used in uniform clothing, sportswear, etc. The tenacity of color polyester dty is higher than rayon’s, that’s the reason that why work costume is made of bright polyester yarn.
How to recognize colored polyester dty yarn[ 01-10 15:30 ]
With the development of the market demand, colored polyester dty yarn gradually occupied dominant market. Colored polyester dty yarn has uniform color without off color, and it doesn’t dyeing process with harmful substance, so called green yarn.
Colored polyester FDY yarn price related issues[ 01-11 15:30 ]
The production of many enterprises cannot do without colored polyester FDY yarn raw material supply, so as a business party,colored polyester FDY prices also became one of the widespread concern. We live in a lot of necessities are made of colored polyester FDY yarn manufactured, thus reducing the initial price of coloured polyester FDY yarn, not only for the enterprise profit, but for the daily life of the people has great benefits.
Dope dyed polyester FDY yarn, low price, good quality[ 01-12 15:30 ]
Dope dyed polyester FDY yarn price is very reasonable,and from which people can feel this product in use effect is very big , its low price, good quality won the people's favor. Consumers see Huilong produced dope dyed polyester FDYyarn has gradually become the best choice.
Perfectly show the colored polyester yarn fabric characteristics[ 01-20 15:30 ]
In pursuit of a kind of high quality, produced by Zhejiang Huilong New Materials on the colored low elastic polyester filament, became the master of silk thread on the market, for the production of a variety of colorful fabric presents the most perfect source of raw materials.
Absolutely trustworthy choice in colored polyester yarn manufacturer[ 01-19 15:30 ]
Colored polyester yarns in the fabric production and product performance, has the practical value, has long been favored by vast customers and become the most market value of the silk thread, get the love of people. Then use the color produced by processing of polyester fdy such what product is the market value?
Huilong brand of colored polyester yarn products[ 01-18 15:30 ]
The current polyester yarn market has presented the various quality for us advanced polyester yarns, they not only color and light, not only environmental protection but also beautiful. This is Huilong New Materials for our courtesy of colored polyester yarn.
Polyester dty yarn is widely used in life[ 01-21 15:30 ]
Now a lot of friends will noted the material of this product when purchasing some bedding bag. If the material is good, the use of time also is long, would seem to be quite upscale. Those bedding bag also we can accept even more expensive, now a lot of friends will find many high-grade bedding bag will have polyester dty yarn, through the way of all kinds of embroidery, inlaid on the quilt cover, bring a lot of people fresh feeling.
Polyester colored fdy are widely used in life[ 01-17 15:30 ]
Now many people wearing clothes are made of polyester colored fdy, this product has many features, first in terms of color, it adopted the most advanced color spinning process, it’s better than we used the dyeing process before.
The use of colored FDY[ 01-22 15:30 ]
In modern textile industry, colored fdy yarn gradually becomes the favorite from all kinds of fabric processors, due to its excellent performance. They mix together other fibers, weave them into all kinds of design and pattern and add more favorite simulated fabric for all clothing market, by different production method and twisting, dyed process.
Environmental protection dope dyed polyester yarn[ 01-24 15:30 ]
The usage of environmental protection dope dyed polyester yarn is wide, the characteristic of environment without dying becomes the selling point in line with the current low carbon green production life theme. The polyester yarn manufactory actively advocate the concept of low-carbon and green environmental protection, research and develop with great concentration.
DTY is the most practical colored polyester yarn[ 01-25 15:30 ]
Colored dty yarn has wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which is very practical fabric of work clothes. And dty has very strong fire resistance, it can keep clothes intrinsical appearance in the wicked condition.
The advantage of dope dyed polyester yarn[ 01-28 15:30 ]
Dope dyed polyester yarn has strong corrosion resistance, fabric can be water washed repeatedly, even with chemical detergent washing fade phenomenon will not occur.
The characteristics of polyester NIM yarn[ 01-29 15:30 ]
Now there are a lot of manufacturers at the time of procurement of raw materials, mainly is polyester NIM yarn. Now this is a production material essential to many textile manufacturers, and in the past compared to other types of polyester yarn
What are the features and strengths of colored polyester yarn[ 01-30 15:30 ]
Now a lot of friends in the choose and buy clothes or some bedding, it will find out what is the raw material of this product, now with the widely application of the colored polyester yarn, there are a lot of textile enterprises in making some handicraft or clothing, also can make the material choice, this material has many characteristics, the first on the wear resistance is very good, many large work units, it will be made in some work clothes when choosing the material.
Polyester colored filament yarn confirms to market development tendency[ 01-31 15:30 ]
Polyester colored filament yarn is one of fiber silk with normal characters of polyester yarn. Good quality and inexpensive, mould cavity, back to good elasticity, flame retardant, strong color and luster is uniform, feel is smooth, etc. Is fabrics such as clothing, textiles, home decoration first choice material.
Work costume with bright polyester yarn[ 02-01 15:30 ]
Bright polyester yarn also has the characteristics of wear resistant washable, at the same time, smooth and soft fabric, wearing comfortable. Bright polyester yarn not only color is gorgeous, and glossiness is good, can high light clothing of showily feel. Hotel work uniforms, choose a light polyester yarn, can reveal temperament, and wear over time.
high quality dope dyed polyester yarn[ 02-03 15:30 ]
See textile products on the market a superb collection of beautiful things must be surprised at his extraordinary color and quality. What kind of raw material can produce such high quality finished products . It is dope dyed polyester yarn we Huilong production provided high-quality raw materials to create products of high standards and high quality.
The market competitive advantage of color polyester fdy yarn[ 02-10 15:30 ]
Color polyester fdy yarn is widely used in the area of thread-making. Its fineness is stability, and it has good rebound resilience.
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