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how about polyester yarn market prices[ 02-18 12:57 ]
Want to know polyester yarn market prices, can contact us hl-12@zjhuilong.cn
what's the polyester drawn textured yarn dty[ 02-18 13:36 ]
polyester drawn textured yarn dty Polyester drawn Textured Yarn (DTY) yarn is obtained when Polyester POY is simultaneously twisted & drawn. DTY yarn is mainly used in weaving & knitting of fabrics for making clothes, home furnishings, seat covers, ba...
what is polyester draw texturing yarn used for[ 04-22 14:31 ]
Low elastic polyester filament (also named draw texturing yarn or DTY) , It is polyester textured yarn of polyester fibre
polyester textured yarn price[ 04-22 17:04 ]
diffrent color and spec diffrent polyester textured yarn price.
huilong is polyester textured yarn suppliers?[ 04-29 14:47 ]
zhe jiang huilong is polyester textured yarn suppliers
where is polyester textured yarn manufacturer in china[ 05-05 16:43 ]
where is polyester textured yarn manufacturer in china
how about we long polyester yarn?[ 05-04 16:23 ]
Huilong dope dyed polyester yarn MOQ: 2 tons /color  75 denier 1 ton /color advantage: 1. Good Color Fastness 2. Enviromental-friendly 3. Low Loss ...
china polyester yarn price[ 05-22 09:46 ]
china polyester yarn price,dope dyed polyester yarn is diffrent color diffrent price. contact us  whatsapp: 0086-18057280997 E-mail:hl-12@zjhuilong.cn
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